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We believe that NBPT and DMPP will have bright market prospects. NBPT and DMPP will be used together in the urea. By using the synergistic effect, which can increase the utilization rate from 35% to more than 60%, fertilizer period, and also can increase the effect of fertilizer from 35 to 120 days or more. Greatly reduced the nitrogen fertilizer’s direct economic loss and environment pressure, and reduced the labor force, which has positive significance for agricultural modernization in our country. Once we get into production, we will become the biggest and strongest fertilizer synergist manufacturer in the world.
Wuwei Jincang Bioscience Co., Ltd. has always been with a highly social responsibility; Always care about the harmony of the three major benefits of society, economy and environment; With “integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm” development orientation and “harmonious development, honesty and trustworthiness, pioneering and innovative” business philosophy; Strive to be the leader who does domestic chemical fertilizer additives industrial upgrading, strive to increase the utilization of nitrogenous fertilizer from 30% to 60%. Therefore to achieve the goal of “zero growth” in fertilizers.

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China has the most consumption in nitrogenous fertilizer in the world, and the unreasonable use of nitrogen fertilizer will not only has the serious pollutions to the atmospheric environment, but also causes heavy losses to the national economy. Atmosphere and water are the form of nitrogenous fertilizer environmental pollution. The influence to atmospheric environment mainly are that ammonia volatilization caused by excessive hydrolysis of urea and nitrite nitrogen reduction of nitrogen oxides in to the atmosphere which are resulting in an excess of nitrogen in the atmosphere. It is an important component of the haze in some areas. The pollution to water mainly are nitrate nitrogen directly flows into the surface water and leaching gets into groundwater, causing the nitrogen content in the water to exceed the standard. According to statistics from related departments, Chinese annual direct loss of nitrogenous fertilizer is about 800-1000 billion RMB. For this reason, solving the problem of energy saving and environmental protection of nitrogen fertilizers is a new hot spot for the country.
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